Itīs About Worship 11-23-08




Think About Worship

   Christian author Ron Owens writes, “Worship is not something you reserve for certain times. It’s not just for your quiet time or when you attend a worship service. Worship is a lifestyle. I am writing to remind you that we were created to worship God. We are worshippers, and the inward response of worshipping hearts to any encounter with our Lord, no matter where we may find ourselves, is to fall on our faces and worship.”
    When was the last time you felt like lowering yourselves to the floor and pouring out your heart in passionate worship? Not praying for something or someone, but simply devoting time to praise God and worship Him for His goodness.
     Owens goes on to question, “All of us need to ask ourselves whether we have that kind of heart. Are there times in our daily living when we just have to stop and worship; or is worship, in our minds, strictly reserved for our quiet time or church.”
    If worship is reserved for a specific time and place I would dare to say we are religious, but not relational. True heart felt relations with the Risen Christ will require passionate worship at different times during the day. Remember when you first fell in love, all you could think of was that special person. Thoughts of him/her filled your mind and captivated your heart. In a similar manner we should be stricken with passionate love for our Redeemer and drunk with rapturous joy at just the thoughts of His great love for us. Can we return to true relational worship?

Pastor Jim