The RAPHA Center is a safe, caring place to find Pastoral Counseling, Life Coaching, Biblical Teaching and Prayer to help you encounter Jesus Christ who is your Healer for your Spirit, Soul and Body. (Exodus 15:26) Pastors Sandy & Don Clark minister out of Faith United Methodist Church, in which the RAPHA Center has it's offices, and Pastor Don leads Worship Services.

This is a Christian business run by Roger & Dyann Massey located in New Bern, they do more than tan you, check them out at You can also "like" Totally Tan on Facebook.

Great evangelist
If you do not have a facebook account, you can view photos at To set up a session, please contact Nikki Johnson. or 252-665-5440

Wonderful station, check it out.

Documentary on our eroding freedoms within Christianty in the USA.

Site dedicated to bring renewal to the Methodist Church.

Magazine devoted to renewal within the Methodist Church.

Great site for evangelism resources.

Very good news source from a Christian perspective.

An excellent site to stay in touch with the latest news from Israel.

Latest develoments in the world of religion.

Fulfilling the Great Commission Luke 16:15-18

Biblical curriculum resource center.

Wonderful site dedicated to prayer.