At Faith Church we divide the ministries up into eleven ministry teams instead of committees for the express purpose of communicating the idea that their purpose is not only to plan the ministries’ work to be done and expect others to carry it out. We instead see a team as the people who are called not only to plan, but also to administer, recruit helpers, and accomplish their area of ministry responsibilities. Each Ministry Team is led by a Ministry Team Leader, who is responsible for establishing meeting times and dates, which should meet at least once every two months.


The following are our eleven Ministry Teams. Please click on the ministries to see more details.

Nominations and Leadeship

Pastor/Parrish Relationship Tem

Finance and Stewardship

Board of Trustees

Evangelism and Missions


Fellolowship and Hospitality

Christian Education and Nurture

Prayer Ministry

Operation Christmas Child

Women of Faith 

Men of Faith

  May 2022  
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