March 2018  
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Jim and Kay Tosto

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    Are you concerned about your family? The future? Your community? Will my children or grandchildren become involved in crime, drugs, or alcohol as they get older? Will my property, home and the ones I love be safe in these changing times? I do the best I can but something seems missing? Is there really a loving God that cares about my situation?
    These are all questions we ask ourselves and I can’t think of a better place to learn the answers to tough questions than in a loving caring church setting. At Faith Church we are committed to provide not only answers but miraculous intervention as well. We believe God is still the God of miracles, and that through the power of the Holy Spirit still transforms lives. Jesus did not die on the cross to leave us in our sins and sickness but to deliver us from the effects of the curse. His death paved the way so we can enjoy an abundant, Spirit Filled life on this earth. We can have a wonderful eternal hope of glory awaiting us in heaven.
    We believe God loves you and it is His will and desire that all come to a saving knowledge of His Son Jesus Christ. Won’t you decide today to accept what God has done for you and give us a visit when you are in the area. Our worship is dynamic and contemporary, our congregation is loving and the preaching is relevant for today's issues. Come and join us as we glorify the Risen Christ togther! 

Pastor Jim