"Jesus answered and said unto him, verily, verily, I say unto you, except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God." John 3:3

In John 3:1-8, Jesus discusses one of the fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith: regeneration (Tit.3:5) or spiritual birth. Without the new birth one cannot see the kingdom of God, i.e., recieve eternal life and salvation through Jesus Christ.  Regeneration is a re-creating and transformation of the person (Rom. 12:2; Eph. 4:23) by God and the Holy Spirit (John 3:6; Tit.3:5). Through this process eternal life from God Himself is imparted to the believer (John 3:16; Pet.1:4; 1 John 5:11), and he becomes a child of God (John 1:12; Rom. 8:16-17; Gal 3:26) and a new person (2 Cor. 5:17; Col. 3: 9-10). He no longer conforms to this world (Rom. 12:2), but is now created after God "in righteousness and true holiness" (Eph. 4:24).*

Why do we need this "Born Again" experience? Because all humankind are born into a world system that is full of sin, this coupled with the inherent  nature to disobey God creates a bondage within people that must be broken by becoming re-born. In other words, it's a spiritual do-over. But this time something takes place that did not happen at our physical birth, this time we recieve a portion of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit then begins to help us make the right decisions that pertain to life.  

Dear friend if you haven't been "Born Again" why don't you accept Christ's finished work on Calvary. I am not talking about joining a church. I am  talking about a radical life changing experience that can be yours today. In II Corinthians 5:17 the Apostle Paul states, "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new." If you have a desire to start life all over again now is your chance. Paul goes on to say in II Cor. 6:2 "In an acceptable time I have heard you, and in the day of salvation I have helped you. Behold, now is the accepted time, behold, now is the day of salvation." Notice Paul stresses today and not tomorrow. For some individuals life may not be as long as they wish. We have no guarantee of tomorrow. What we do have is present tense, now, today, this moment. Don't put it off another second! Jesus died to set us free in this life and the life to come. Accepting Christ is not difficult, simply believe, repent of your sins and pray in this manner. 

Lord Jesus, forgive me of my pride and selfish ways;

Forgive me of my short comings;

Come into my heart and life;

Give me strength to say no to sin and yes to You!

I acknowledge Your power over death,

And I accept Your Lordship over my life.

In Jesus precious name I pray, amen.





*Notes Taken From The Full Life Study Bible,

Life Publishers International, Zondervan Publishing