Think About Change 12-28-08

Think About Change

     Christian author Jill Briscoe writes, “Change interrupts my nesting habits, intrudes into my comfort zone. Say the word change, and I freeze. I have learned to live to the full – wherever I am – by pretending I’ll be there for ever. Otherwise I’d never get involved in a new project, or invest myself in someone’s life, or bother to contribute to a group.”
     What ever it takes, get actively involved with your church. Don’t let 20% do 100% of the work. We have one shot at this life; don’t let possibilities slip by because you were afraid of change. With Charge Conference (yearly business meeting) approaching there is a good chance you will be asked to be part of a ministry team. If you are approached, rise above your fears of serving on a committee, pray about it and be open to the gentle nudging of the Lord. God probably isn’t going to give you a Damascus Road experience (Acts 9:3-9) in order for you to faithfully serve Him, rather He will gently remind you of your membership covenant with Faith Church. Remember everyone has a gift to be used for the Kingdom’s sake and maybe you will find yours this year.

Pastor Jim