Think About Walking On Water 01-11-09

Think About Walking On Water

T.D. Jakes once stated, “The whole theme of Christianity is one of rising again. However, you can’t rise until you fall. Now that doesn’t mean you should fall into sin. It means you should allow the resurrecting power of the Holy Spirit to operate in your life regardless of whether you have fallen into sin, discouragement, apathy or fear. There are obstacles that can trip you as you escalate toward productivity. But it doesn’t matter what tripped you; it matters that you rise up. People who never experience these things generally are people who don’t do anything. There is a certain safety in being dormant. Nothing is won, nothing is lost. I would rather walk on the water with Jesus. I would rather nearly drown and have to be saved than play it safe and never experience the miraculous.”
When I was growing up I was a risk taker. I saw other boys who never tried daring things. They would never climb up the rigging of a shrimp trawler and dive off. They would not venture out in the ocean surfing on a calm day much less a day before a hurricane struck the coast. For them it seemed as if everything was centered on ease and safety. Maybe they were smarter than I, (momma certainly would have agreed with them) but they will go to their grave never having experienced life to the fullest.
I don’t know about you, but I want to go to my grave having experienced all that God has for me. I’m not talking about risking life and limb as much as I am about living wide open for Jesus. I want to be known and our church to be known as risk takers in the ministry, and as risk takers we take a chance on failing, but at least we tried.   

Pastor Jim